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Monthly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1976-1988
- Started as a fanzine in the early '80s and eventually evolved into a semiprofessional media SF magazine.
- There were 27 issues published plus 5 specials.
- Changed name to "SF Movie Land" in 1985 (9 issues, # 28-36).
- Published by James Van Hise, Hal Schuster. (James Van Hise listed as the Editor of the later issues & New Media is listed as publisher).
- After SF Movie Land magazine folded, it was incorporated into Monster Land starting with issue #7 (February 1986).
- Published by Schuster/New Media Publishing Inc.

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9 February 2022
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Issue 36
December 1985

Issue 35
November 1985

Issue 34
October 1985

Issue 33
September 1985

Issue 32
August 1985

Issue 31
July 1985


Issue 30
June 1985

Issue 29
May 1985

Issue 28
April 1985

Issue 27
March 1985
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Issue 26
February 1985
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Special # 6
January 1985
Special Collector's Issue #6 [reprints #8]
To Boldly Go / Tracey Alexander [ST:TMP premiere]
Where Nomad Has Gone Before / James Van Hise
Star Twek: the Motion Sickness - comic
Inside V'ger: an Interview with Greg Jein and Bill George
Interview: Update:Dorothy Fontana
Star Trek Bloopers
Dragons of Berengaria, Part 2 / Biran Franczak [comic book story]
Star Trek Reviue (reviews - zines)
Interview: Leslie Fish / James Van Hise
Banned From Argo - comic
K/S: Roddenberry Adds a Surprising New Wrinkle / James Van Hise
Fan Fic:
Invaders Great and Small / Leslie Fish, Joanne Agostino and James Van Hise
["a tale of Roantree's Earth"] - a McCoy story from 'The Weight' universe. McCoy is a country doctor on an Earth that has renounced high technology. When the Romulans invade, McCoy is abducted to help them combat a plethora of Earth diseases ravaging their troops. Fine writing, a sensible scenario, and good dilemmas for the doctor called upon to aid the enemy.
Shore Leave - photostory.

Issue 25
January 1985
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Fantasy TV Special

Stephen King Special
Stephen King Review, Steve Bissette Illustrated Story, Uncollected Short Fiction, Egyptian Graffiti, Stephen King One of a Kind

Alien Cook Special
Vulcan recipes, Alien Exotic recipes, Other earths recipes, Vegetarian recipes

Dune Special
DUNE SPECIAL, 68 pages:
Frank Herbert Author of Dune, Raffaella de Laurentiis Producer of Dune, David Lynch Director, Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides, Sean Young as Chani, Sting as Feyd, Francesca Annis as the Lady Jessica, Everett McGill as Stilgar, Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck, Freddie Francis Cinematographer, Changes in Dune from book to movie, Carlo Rambaldi creator of sand worms and navigators, Barry Nolan Optical Effects, Scenes of Dune, Mark Siegel Building the Stillsuits

James Bond Dossier

Issue 24
December 1984

Special # 5
November 1984
Special Collector's Issue #5 [reprints #7]
Gene Roddenberry Phone Call, August Party, 8/3/79
Star Trek Bloopers
Dragons of Berengaria, Part 1 / Biran Franczak [comic book story]
Interviews: Dennis Fischer
Dorothy Fontana
Robert Bloch
George Takei
Star Trek Archives
Fan Fic:
One of Those Days / Mary A. Smith
A Brief Encounter in a Timeless War / James Van Hise ['The Weight' universe]
Idle Hands / Kelly Hale.

Issue 23
November 1984

Technical Book Special
October 1984

Issue 22
October 1984

Issue 21
September 1984
ST Gene Roddenberry, Doctor Who's Colin Baker, Baby, Conan the Destroyer, Robert Preston, Ghostbusters, The Last Starfighter, Gremlins (68 pages)

Issue 20
August 1984
Ghostbusters, Supergirl, Star Trek III review, Star Trek III makeup artist, Streets of Fire, The Last Starfighter, Baby & Dune's Sean Young, Philadelphia Experiment, Firestarter (68 pages)

Special # 4
July 1984
Special Collector's Issue #4 [reprints #6, Sept 1978]
Whither Thou Goest, Star Trek, Revisited / J. Van Hise
Leonard Nimoy of the Stratosphere
Balance of Terror (photostory)
The Scene You Never Saw [cut scene, probably from The Way to Eden]
TV's Star Trek: How They Mix Science Fact with Science Fiction / James W. Wright
Star Trek Archives [includes cast barbecue shots]
Star Trek Bloopers
The Many Faces of Fan Fiction / Christopher Randolph
Fan Fiction: Is It Legal, Or Merely Tolerated? / J. Van Hise
"Alternative" Thoughts / Gerry Downes
Fan Fic:
Survivors, or, "Your Psyche's Unbuttoned" / Kelly M. Hale
Sherlock Spock Barta
A Brief Moment of Light / Tracey Alexander.

Issue 19
July 1984
Alien Cook, Mutant, Tom Baker Doctor Who, Buckaroo Banzai, V, Firestarter, Philadelphia Experiments, Star Trek III, Interview George Takei (68 pages)

Technical Side Special
June 1984

Interviews Special
June 1984
Gene Roddenberry [reprints #1]
Harlan Ellison [reprints #1]
Norman Spinrad [reprints #1]
George Takei [reprints #1]
James Doohan [reprints #1]
DeForest Kelley [reprints #2]
Gene Roddenberry 1968 Speech at Berkeley
Dorothy Fontana, Robert Block George Takei [reprints #7]
An Evening with Jimmy Doohan.

Leonard Nimoy Special
June 1984
Spotlight on Leonard Nimoy:
Nimoy's a Natural as Holmes, Leonard Nimoy of the Stratosphere, To Spock or Not to Spock, the other Van Gogh, Dressing Room secrets, Spock's Death--was it worth the uproar?, A day with Mr. Nimoy, Of Vulcans and Romulans, The Search for In Search of

William Shatner Special
June 1984
Spotlight on William Shatner:
Pre Star Trek Fantasy Roles, William Shatner Profile, Life in Pictures, Conversations, Trek to the Top, Space Age Crew enjoys old-fashioned Barbecue, Star Trek's First Captain Jeffrey Hunter, The Captain Kirk Revenge Squad, A Fan Stands In

Issue 18
June 1984
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The Philadelphia Experiment, Splash, Wreckage of Galileo 7, Nick Castle & the Last Starfighter, ST IIIs Mark Lenard, The Alien Cook, Doctor Who's Leela, Star Fleet Battles game, Star Trek I, II and IIIs Robert Fletcher, Space, model kits (68 pages)

Issue 17
May 1984
The Last Starfighter, Interview Andrew Probert, Space, View Screen, The Forty Million Dollar Dune, Dune Saga, Angelique Pettyjohn, ST Environmental suit, Visual Effects of ST The Motion Picture, The Second Pilot and the Birth of ST as We Know It, Bloopers, Schooks in Space (68 pages)

Special # 3
April 1984
Special Collector's Issue #3 [reprint of #5, Dec 1977]
Whither Thou Goest, Star Trek? / J. Van Hise
This Side of Paradise (photostory)
This Side of Paradise - Analyssi / J. Van Hise
Behind the Scenes of Star Trek / J. Van Hise
Incidentally Speaking - letters
Star Trek Bloopers
The Banned Episodes of Star Trek / J. Van Hise
The Star Trek Review
Star Trek vs. Star Wars / J. Van Hise
Star Trek Archives
Star Trekers Off the Top of My Head Walter Koenig [impressions of the other stars].

Issue 16
April 1984
Star Trek news, ST Screen Test, Space, The Road Warrior Experience, Romuland Society and Culture, ST Role-Playing game, Search for In Search of, Wrath of Khan, Cage and the Menagerie, Welcome to Star Fleet Academy, Bloopers, Technical Drawings, Memory Tapes (68 pages)

Issue 15
March 1984
Space, Of Vulcans and Romulans, Captain Chekov, Planetary Pal Chronicles, Romulan Society and Culture, Vulcan, Bloopers, Technical Drawing, Turning on the Heart Light, Science fiction concepts in Star Trek, Transporter, War Games, ST Endurance (68 pages)

Issue 14
February 1984
News from Earth, The Wrath of Khan, Interview Nicholas Meyer, Return of the Jedi, 1984, Making of Galileo Seven, Technical Drawings, Spirit of Tomorrow, Mike Minor, Bloopers, ST archives (68 pages)

Special # 2
January 1984
Special Collector's Issue #2
[reprints issue #3, Nov. 1976 & #4, June 1977]
The Menagerie (photostory)
The Menagerie: Analysis / J. Van Hise
Star Trek's First Captain: Jeffrey Hunter / J. Van Hise
Star Trek Bloopers, Part 1
How Those Star Trek Devices Really Work - from TV Star Hit Parade August 1968
Gene Roddenberry / Mike Cooper
Star Trek Archives - clippings
Flashback - with Walter Koenig
Doomsday Machine (photostory)
Doomsday Machine - Analysis / J. Van Hise
Where Are They Now? - Galileo 7
Star Trek Bloopers, Part 2
Star Trek Profile: William Shatner / J. Van Hise
Conversations with William Shatner [Q&A after one-man show, Middlesex College, 11/15/76]
Star Trek Archives - clippings

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